FIVEFINGERSNOAH - Multiple Releases (2023)


FIVEFINGERSNOAH - 8 Ball Souljuh (2023)
FIVEFINGERSNOAH - 8 Ball Souljuh Reloaded (2023)
Official collaboration with FIVEFINGERSNOAH. Limited Edition of 25 cassettes each, tagged GEOC-006 and GEOC-015. Every order includes 1 exclusive 8 Ball Souljuh Reloaded holographic sticker.

BUNDLE INCLUDES BOTH at a reduced price of 25$. Very limited stock!

Ships in 1-5 days.

8BS Credits :
Acid Souljah Becker, Dazegxd, Destroyyyyer, Kayy Luciano, Krxxk, Luca, Popmonst3r, Ruairi, Seepy, Swazaé, Zbfrmdabricks, Rpd on the trance. Artwork by Gothskiy. Layout by geoc.

8BSR Credits :
FEATURING : Popmonst3r, Mayxx, Xhris2Eazy, Acid Souljah, Leavelucalone, Tenkay, Swazae, Khurkh, 1End & Murhakami.
PRODS : Gavin Squared, Becker, Enrgy, Mordy's Suixide, Baddcitizen, 65 Cent, EvilRedFlame, Krxxk, FonyWallace, Lodoni, Prblm, Pisabental, Bleachdiego, Jvc, Miles, Justcashe, Ericslake & Xaviersobased.
Artwork by Gothskyi. Layout and Remaster by geoc.