Hi-C - Left 4 Dead Mixtape (2023)


Limited edition of 250 CDs & Frosted Cassettes. Both physicals have different tracklist art made by @marbledisk! Professionally printed and officially endorsed. Tagged GEOC-025.

Ships in 1-5 days.

Featuring @xaviersobased @rockstarcliff @selfmadesavshawty @mikebrokeasf @captdozzie.
Produced by @sophomet @jackfr0stttt @dozenbladesss @1slacker_ @srdbeatz @hadif10k @prodspill.
Engineered by @shaneclay @777starrdust @katanaboyllama.
Artwork by @marbledisk @curseweb @proteccion_.
Layout by geoc, with the help of BrattyDogTapes.

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